Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 7, 2016

OWLs New Resident Service Launched

New Residents’ Information section of OWL website launched owljig [OWL pic]

Politicians and their officers – local and national – are here to serve the public. Often information is kept under wraps. If Knowledge is Power then more of that knowledge should be readily available to you.

That’s why we’ve launched a new section of our website which aims to provide more information and resources to help put you on a more level playing field with those who are meant to be our servants, not our political masters.

It will be developed and expanded in the future but pay it a visit now to:
•check out when your street is due to be swept;
•to register for automatic email notifications of planning applictions in your area;
•for help with Freedom of Information requests and;
• for a range of useful phone numbers

Talking of Freedom of Information requests, as OWL Cllr Owens well knows, they can be denied in circumstances that protect the whys and wherefores of “Commercial in Confidence” matters relating to what deals the council does “under the counter” such as with Serco Leisure Services. Yet it is council tax that pays Serco for its services. It’s wrong to keep it secret, as only recently we found Serco breaching an agreement by receiving “royalties” generated on the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill that belonged to the West Lancashire Leisure Trust.

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