Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 7, 2016

Beacon Park Golf Hosts Three Men & A Baby

Having made a spontaneous visit to the Beacon Park Golf Course today to record the height of the landfill foot golf development and to check if there had been any further slippage on the new 9hole heap of rubbish I was surprised to learn that there was a Serco sponsored “Shotgun start” event being held. To those who don’t play golf I should explain this is not an ordinary golf tournament but rather the way a tournament begins. When there’s a shotgun start, all the golfers begin play simultaneously, each group of four golfers teeing off on a different hole on the course.

For example, Group A begins on Hole 1, Group B on Hole 2, Group C on Hole 3, and so on. And they all begin play at the same time after a horn or whistle sounds (rarely today a shotgun is fired) to indicate the start of play. And what was rather more surprising was the decision that this Serco event was announced to golf club members at short notice who were told to start early and finish their rounds early to accommodate Serco. There would be prizes for various competitions such as the longest drive and the nearest pin.

As one elderly golf club member told me, Serco are behaving as though they own the place, and they are providing a meal to the golfers too. Well, I thought, perhaps they do own the place. After all, WLBC gave the golf course development rights to West Lancashire Leisure who in turn contracted Serco who contracted Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd to import untold landfill to be dumped there. As we all know, landfill has a premium value, so why not despoil a Beacon Park jewel for all that filthy lucre? wlbcscrapheap1 [click to enlarge]

You might be wondering why I refer to “Three Men & A Baby”. It’s because a team that includes Serco local manager Mark Snaylam took that name, along with Steve Green Electrical, Birmingham Community Leisure Trust, and S&C Slatter Sports Construction Specialists teams. Also entered are the Beacon Park Golf Club Captain Tommy Jackson, Secretary Malcolm Hayman, and Danny & Mick Collins among the 8 teams who paid £25 per person to enter. Perhaps news of winners will reach me later, although the real winners are still the recipients of all that landfill dumping income, specifically NOT the council tax payers of West Lancashire.

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