Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 6, 2016

OWLs Green Bin Petition News

Residents speak out against green bin charge as petition is presented. In their pic shown here owlsgreens OWLs show the petition at the WLBC offices.

“Our 960-strong petition was presented this week to West Lancashire Borough Council. It calls on the council to abandon plans for the unpopular £30 green bin charge ahead of the decision-making meeting on 19th October.

“Thank you to everyone who signed it. You can read our press release here and below are just some of the many, strong comments made by residents when they signed the petition”.

“As a pensioner on a small fixed income, there is no way I can afford this charge” Mrs P Jackson, Tarleton
“If this goes ahead there will be massive flytipping. It is a stupid idea and must be scrapped.” Mr P. Lloyd, Ormskirk
“Disgusted at the Labour council, a stab in the back for West Lancashire residents.” Mr P Patton, Skelmersdale
“What are we paying council tax for?” Mr C Jackson, Newburgh
“You want us to recycle as much as we can and that includes green (garden) waste and now you want to charge us! Think that most people pay enough already in rent/council tax.” Ms A-M Hughes, Skelmersdale.

I can’t see this small scale petition influencing the Labour Council, after all there were petitions signed by many thousands against the Tory Council travel concession cut, and one was presented to Parliament by Rosie Cooper MP but the Tory Council still cut it!

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