Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 28, 2016

Rosie Coopers’ Labour Party?

The  championlogo letters throws up a question “What kind of Labour Party does Rosie Cooper represent?”. It goes on to describe her “many years” as our MP. “Well respected for her excellent support for individual constituents and organisations, a credit to her party and sets a high standard for representing the borough in Parliament rosie_cooper_mp. “But there are “grey areas” in her activities, topics which are off her radar. She’s not keen on getting involved with “hot” questions, one of which is the Iraq War of 2003″.

Well, bearing in mind she was elected in 2005, no doubt she was elected despite that war, and because of other reasons than a war? But the writer wants to know where she stands on the Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. What kind of Labour Party does she represent, Corbyn’s or that of his right wing opponents? Perhaps he might ask her again in 2020?

He then reveals he is a member of the Green Party but doesn’t want to embarrass her. I doubt he could, in fact she could embarrass him. But who in 2016 wants an explanation of an event she didn’t vote for, instead of where she stands on local issues? Not me thanks. And with that I’m signing off the WLR for a week or so to take a break. Perhaps it will be a quiet week, with Wally and Paul settling who is the candidate for West Lancashire (East) in May?


  1. Have a lovely time at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham. We might catch up over a coffee there ? 🙂

    • I fear you must have mistaken me for somebody who might wish to mix with Conservatives socially? Alas, some of the West Lancashire Conservatives I know, and know of, are apt not to be sociable but prefer to call local residents liars when they are not, and wrongly libel people too. Their local leader is one such party member, but why worry too much about his standards of behaviour while he continues to lead you all into the wilderness of long term local oblivion? It’s nice to know you follow this blog so assiduously though. My lovely time was spent in the Portuguese Algarve as it happens.

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