Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 27, 2016

Was Wally Deselected

…from his seat on Lancashire County Council, as stated in the Visiter southvisiter?

“I’m the candidate” said Cllr Greenall who was adamant HE was selected for the West Lancashire East seat that Wally currently holds. It is understood that Councillor Paul Greenall will be taking over the role as he was voted in by his fellow party members and he reported it “Party members have tonight selected me as their candidate for the West Lancashire (East) seat in the 2017 County Council elections”. Now, as a source told the Southport Visiter to whom we are indebted for their story “Westley was outvoted in a straight contest with Cllr Greenall in the selection for the West Lancashire East seat greenwest [Visiter pic adapted]

No you’re not, says Wally, mustering all the authority of the busted schemer he was when he “won” the party leadership “The process is ongoing and a candidate has yet to be selected so I have no further comment to make at this time”.

The Visiter states “Westley has held the West Lancashire east seat for seven years since he was elected to it in June 2009. He is the West Lancashire Borough Council Conservative leader and this position will remain unaffected by the deselection.

“According to a source there was an initial meeting in July in regards to the selection for the West Lancashire east seat which ended in a tie between the two councillors. A second vote was also tied so a third meeting was set for September. During the third meeting another vote was taken and Greenall beat out Westley in a straight vote. That’s why Greenall is out and about with his election leaflets.

“Cllr Greenall was the Mayor of West Lancashire from May 2012 – 2013 and has been a Derby Ward Councillor since 2001. In the 2010 general election he was the Conservative Candidate in St Helens where he obtained the best Conservative poll since 1992. Paul was the Deputy Chairman of the West Lancs Conservative Association from March 2013-6. He was also the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for West Lancashire in 2015.

“Councillor Westley was approached about his deselection but did not wish to comment on the matter. He told the Visiter “The process is ongoing and a candidate has yet to be selected so I have no further comment to make at this time”. Well, it’ll be a bit of a bugger if Greenall has wasted party money on all those leaflets! greenallwithleaflet But does Wally tell lies when it suits him, as he did in Aughton when he wrongly accused campaigning residents? So what will happen now, if the party does admit the Greenall third vote selection while Wally says a candidate has yet to be selected? Whose pants will be on fire?

Perhaps the onus is on Greenall to tell the truth, or does he accept he wasn’t selected after all? One of them needs to explain.

The Conservative Party was also contacted but did not respond before the story went to press. NB The Champion has the same story…Wally commented “On the LCC Selection, the process is still ongoing and I have no comment to make at the present time” and Greenall says ““I was very honoured that members chose me and put their faith in me. I will do my best to speak up for this area if I am voted in next year”. meeting One honoured, one dishonoured! NNB Greenall’s picture has disappeared from the “People” section of the Tory website. Must be a gremlin! NNNB Greenall back on the Tory website, must be a gremlin again!


  1. It’s looking like a case of ‘what goes around, comes around’ and reminds me a little of the old addage ‘there’s no honour amongst thieves’. Whilst I am certainly not implying that any of them are thieves, I’d suggest that they are thoroughly unpleasant and riddled with internal power struggles. Anyway, suffice it to say- don’t slam the door on your way out, Wally.

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