Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 27, 2016

Student Accommodation At Saturation Point?

It had to happen. Such has been the intensity of the student accommodation drive that it seems now to have reached saturation point. If that’s the case what does McComb Students mccomb-students do next? “We are the largest purpose-built student accommodation provider in Ormskirk and we are dedicated to providing our students with a first-class service” they claim.”Our modern, purpose-built developments are in superb locations within walking distance of Edge Hill University and Ormskirk town centre”.

Research by OWLs owllogo shows there is now a surplus of student accommodation in Ormskirk. Jane Thompson writes “For the first time in many years there is now spare capacity in student accommodation in Ormskirk and that should lead to a change of approach from the council according to our Ormskirk activist, Jane Thompson. Research by Jane of local letting agents has shown that there are at least 60 vacancies for students in properties in Ormskirk”.

“For years demand has outstripped supply for student housing. It reached its worst in 2011 when the University had to use Pontins in Southport. The council took the right steps in the last local plan to allow more halls of residence on campus and the situation has been improving, but we’ve still seen starter homes converted to student houses this year. Now, that supply exceeds demand we need to see a halt to house conversions to HMOs as there is no longer a demonstrable need”.

Jane continued by saying that with the additional planning permissions already granted for student housing and in the pipeline, there should be a stricter stance taken to protect first time buyer and family homes in Ormskirk. She added that there was also no need to sacrifice further green space around the University. “With the introduction of student loans instead of maintenance grants this September, more and more Edge Hill students will also choose to commute rather than live in the town” she said.


  1. Unsurprisingly, Ormskirk residents have been repeatedly lied to by both WLBC and EHU. Edge Hill’s reasoning for the necessity to build student accommodation blocks on their campus was to releive pressure on Ormskirk town centre accommodation, thus freeing up more housing for families etc. But that never happened.

    Instead, EHU got its own way (no surprise there) and there has been a cascade of Student Lets, HMO’s and other student conversions ever since. This means that the student demographic of Ormskirk has gone through the roof and Ormskirk has a complete over-representation of students. So bad is the problem that EHU has actually changed the character of an ENTIRE TOWN.

    And let’s not forget that the McCombe empire hasn’t changed the old cinema and Indoor Market into student flats yet, OR the former Oak Dental building on Derby Street. But they will.

    So what does that mean for Ormskirk? Well, it rolls out the red carpet for EHU to expand even further, now that the surplus of student accommodation has been identified, and thus the self fulfilling prophecy rumbles on unimpeded!

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