Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 25, 2016

Dizzy Heights Development

Beacon Park Golf swingers will recall with some nostalgia the old driving range oldrange
Driving ranges are seen as essential to genuine golfers and golf courses. But Beacon Park Golf Course, owned by West Lancashire Borough Council tax payers, is anything but that. It is the “officially ignored” biggest landfill site in West Lancashire as confirmed by recent enquiries.

Its “development” has been in the hands of profiteering private companies for a long while now. Some of the driving range bays have stood untouched until recent days but now they are no more beacondr25094. Ripped down beacondr25091 and scrap metal stored perhaps for resale, ready for more concrete dumping to replace them beacondr25093. While the land now consists of dizzy heights landfill it’s fair to assume the profits and shareholder funds are keeping pace and match the “development”.


  1. I can visualise all the top golfers from around the world wanting to test themselves on this course prior to the 2017 open!……not!

    • It might seem strange for them to receive advice to “add mountain climbing gear to the golf club bags”.

  2. Some say you need a “Sherpa” rather than a caddie for this course!

    • Serco will supply Sherpa help from all the income they have received from landfill…minimum wage of course!

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