Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 24, 2016

OWLs In The Churchyard

OWLs owllogo have been to Ormskirk churchyard and spruced it up with help from two dozen volunteers.

“West Lancashire residents helped spruce up Ormskirk parish churchyard, clearing 55 bags of vegetation, weeds and detritus. Our West Lancashire members, including Ormskirk activists Jane Thompson and Peter Banks, were joined by local residents including some with family members buried in the churchyard and some who had expressed concerns over the summer about its overgrown state”.

OWL Councillor Cllr Adrian Owens said “With two hours’ effort we made a striking improvement to the paths in the newer section of the graveyard and to the children’s section. Interest was high. Residents came from Burscough and Skelmersdale as well as Ormskirk atwork to help and there were several comments about running such an action day again. We’d like to thank Jim Reid from the church council for his input and help and hopefully visitors will enjoy and appreciate the difference the next time they walk through this peaceful and historic corner of our town centre”.

Before and after photos of the main path are shown here before and here after [all pics courtesy of OWL] Residents of our borough will realise very soon that they will be clearing up pavements and road gutters outside their own homes because they will not be cleared by cash strapped councils.


  1. Don’t think West Lancs can claim to be cash stapped when it pays the level of councillors allowances that it does.

    • That’s a fair point. In 2012/2013 total councillor allowance costs were £326,964 and by 2015/2016 were £331,806. So clearly there has been no pressure to reduce them while some councillors wear the LCC hat as well for more income. The obvious route, to reduce the number of councillors, has been ignored and so we are stuck with it all. Perhaps a borough wide referendum despite the one off costs might be the answer?

  2. Voters should kick out the double hatters for a start but too many safe wards.

    • Most voters don’t know or care. When we normally have 30%+/- turnouts in local elections that shows their interest.

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