Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 21, 2016

32 Public Payphones Proposed For Removal By BT

Telecoms provider BT says that over the last decade it has taken away more than 33,000 payphones, well over a third of the total. For those who have read the BT letter to WLBC it will be apparent that because 98% of the UK has mobile coverage the other 2% can bugger off! This is one of the Long Lane boxes to go phonelonglane complete with faded advertising.

The letter states that “You may also want to consider the recent Ofcom affordability report which found that most people do not view payphones as essential for most consumers in most circumstances”. Conversely that means some people view payphones as essential for some consumers in some circumstances?

This, as usual with what most of us recall as public services, is a matter of profits. Shareholders’ dividends show that BT’s 2015/16 results announced on 5 May 2016 are expected to grow dividend per share by at least 10% in both 2016/17 and 2017/18. The current dividend is 9.6p per share. BT bought EE, which helped profits to rise by 9%.

Communities can pay just £1 to buy a red heritage box redphoneboxes, and they can then use it as an information point, a library, or for storing a defibrillator to help heart attack victims. What a bargain!

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