Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 17, 2016

Outstanding Matters From Aughton Parish Council

With the decrease of “party political” Aughton Parish Councillors and there being a small majority of independents, volunteers, it might have been thought that would sway decisions to, shall we say, having independent localism in mind. Alas, what with the Chairman Ian Grant and Vice Chairman Graham Jones being old school Conservatives, and both being absent, the nomination for Acting Chairman fell not on an independent but yet another old school Conservative Geoff Roberts. The independence opportunity was missed and the old Conservative iron grip remained, Cllr Roberts noticeably nominated by Conservative Una Atherley. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

The Aughton Parish Council website was described as somewhat of a stagnating and unresponsive technical dinosaur. There is no “home” button so each change of page requires use of the back button. Some pages are out of date. But hope is at hand with new Parish Councillor and technically competent Glenn Wohlers, who will be bringing the website into the modern era soon. We can’t wait!

Crime figures showed 8 crimes in the month, being 1 attempted break-in to a van (Springfield Road) a similar incident 2 weeks earlier but reported to Merseyside police; 1 other theft or unauthorised taking (Robbins Bridge Nursery); 1 burglary in a dwelling (Long Lane); 1 shoplifting (Bargain Booze); 1 burglary in a dwelling (St Michaels Road); 2 theft from vehicles (Butchers Lane & Prescot Road); 1 damage to vehicles (Liverpool Road). There are 20 Neighbourhood Watches now operating in Aughton.

A resident described what he thought might be encroachment by the developers in Springfield Road, the “gateway to Aughton” onto the publicly owned grass verges there. He, like many of us, has seen the good quality wood fencing surrounding the site. Perhaps this might be permanent and a breach of planning conditions? As it turns out the wood fencing is on the inner boundary of the grass verges spring1, while the steel mesh security fencing is temporary. In fact it was reported that some of the security fencing had been stolen spring2…if you are offered any cheap in your local pub be careful, we know whose it is!

A resident of Orchard View raised the issue of flooding of at least two properties there and related them to the water table problem off the Wainhomes proposed development site. Damp causes problems in the houses in Orchard View and may be due to the aquifer (a body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater). Every resident of Prescot Road, Parrs Lane, Long Lane, Town Green Lane, and other roads close by needs to be recording such problems for consideration by planners and politicians so that developers must be taking steps to ensure site infrastructures are equal to increased flooding risks as farm land is eventually covered by concrete. This tanker serpdrains was in The Serpentine for hours on Friday undertaking sewer pressurising. What harm will local development do to existing facilities?

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