Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 15, 2016

Village Gutters Are Still A Disgrace

So writes George Whittaker of Aughton to  champletters-2 and he stated “I have complained before in The Champion about the condition of the roads and pavement edges in Aughton but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the rubbish in the gutters seems to have got worse. The problem can be seen in Prescot Road, Town Green, Winifred Lane, and, above all, Granville Park-and it’s disgusting. Does Aughton Parish Council [APC] not take pride in their village? Come on, make an effort please!”

I’m sure they do, and in defence of APC, it is not responsible for Aughton’s highways, but West Lancashire Borough Council states “We clear litter and refuse from the public places the council is responsible for, like streets, parks, playgrounds and pedestrianised areas. We recognise how strongly local people feel about street cleaning – and that where you live is clean and tidy. As a result, we are improving this service all the time. Some of the services we carry out include: Litter picking; Scheduled road and footpath sweeping; Grass cutting and flower bed maintenance; Weed removal on highways and footpaths; Removing fly tipping; Removing animal remains in certain circumstances; Graffiti removal in certain areas; Bonfire clearances; Clearing dog fouling”.

George Whittaker might be better to contact one of his ward borough councillors. He has a choice of three councillors covering the roads he mentioned, Westley, O’Toole, and Currie, and he may receive some sympathy from them. Otherwise he should call 01695 577177 to report his displeasure about the gutters to Street Scene.

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