Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 15, 2016

A Letter From A Self Confessed Silly Looking Councillor To The Champion

Our sympathy today should be with Derby ward resident Carole Davies who had the good grace to publicly praise OWL Cllr Adrian Owens owllogo for his help and support during the Boxing Day floods in Derby ward, only to be criticised by Cllr Paul Greenall apparently because she didn’t see HIM giving help and support too.

Ms Davies wrote to the Champion to praise Cllr Owens because “…he was the only councillor who came to help and support us…I personally have written to various councillors over the years and the only support I ever received was from Adrian Owens… works harder than any councillor in the borough” adowensatdesk.

Now, in a published reply, Greenall responds in a way that might make you think he is seeking publicity for his forthcoming bid for a county seat! By chance he happens to have a photograph to help him, seen in what he agrees is “how silly I looked in a bright fluorescent top”. Well, he chose the pose and the adjective! Perhaps silliness becomes him?

Councillor Owens wasn’t the only one on “flood duty”! is the headline of the article. Greenall is only taking issue with one comment Ms Davies made and he states “By all means Ms Davies compliment those who you admire but please check your facts the next time you choose to criticise others”.

Ms Davies stated the fact as it was, that she did not see any other councillor come to give help and support. And anyway all Greenall was doing was directing traffic, which might indicate his level of usefulness as a councillor in Derby ward?


  1. Greenall’s performance was so wooden I thought someone had thrown a chair into the road!

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