Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 12, 2016

A Dramatic Meeting Of The Aughton Parish Council

There’s never a dull moment at the Aughton Parish Council meetings if the Parrs Lane development is on the agenda. So it was tonight. Absences to do with other commitments included Chairman Ian Grant and Vice Chairman Graham Jones. Discussions by the Clerk and the eight attending parish councillors led to Cllr Roberts being nominated and seconded to chair the meeting 001. There were sixteen members of the public.

The official gavel was in its place, little did we realise it would have to be used by Acting Chairman Roberts. It was first announced that Parish Councillor David Willman representing North East ward had resigned from the council for personal reasons, and Cllr Roberts paid a brief tribute to Councillor Willman’s service. 002

The meeting swiftly reached Public Question Time, when we noticed the arrival of the Westleyphants, Borough Councillors David and Marilyn, the “dodo” Borough Councillor Bailey, and Borough Councillor Currie. Clearly the Tory map was of use to the dodo councillor in finding her way to Aughton aughtonparrsmap. First comments came from ARG member Colin Atkinson with some scathing remarks about the borough councillors and their record on Parrs Lane. The issue of the WLBC Cabinet Meeting tomorrow and its exclusion of the public for the item on Parrs Lane drew some sarcastic comments.

Having caught the Chairman’s eye D Westley duly waffled his way through five minutes of wasted time. Having forgotten the Inquiry housing numbers he relied on members of the public to inform him. The “Gang of Four” left immediately after the Parrs Lane discussions. Pressure from the public following some swift use of the gavel and some sympathetic Parish Councillors including Dudders Walne seem to have inspired the will of the parish council to write to the borough council to express dismay at the Inquiry decision. The “on the spot” resignation of Parish Councillor Peter Cullington followed an extraordinary exchange over declared interests. Peter left his seat and joined the public.


  1. “Quelle surprise” those 4 turn up mob handed. I can only imagine the flurry of concerned telephone calls beforehand. As for the letter to WLBC- it seems fairly ironic that not too long ago the official response from APC to WLBC was “Agree”. Or was it “Accept”, or maybe it was “Fill yer boots, boys”- I can’t really remember although the result was pretty much the same. The least surprising event was the absence of grunt and panto.

    • The eminent leader of the gang of four told us they had just left a “group meeting” but as a diminishing group his party is in an even more parlous state than Cllr Owens stated when he left.

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