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Halsall Parish Council

Notice of Parish Council Meeting


A meeting of Halsall Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 7-­30 p.m. at St Aidans Hall, Renacres Lane, Shirdley Hill, Halsall.

1. Apologies for absence.
2. Declarations of interest.
3. Borough Councillor’s Report and open forum for 15 minutes for matters raised by members of the public
4. To confirm and sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th May 2016 as a correct record.
5. Parish Clerk’s Report.
6. Reports from Representatives.
7. Planning Applications:
2016/0829/FUL – Headbolt Farm, Woodvale Road -­ Extension to existing agricultural livestock building.
2016/0845/FUL – 44 Heathey Lane – Two storey extension to side and rear and single storey extension to rear
8. To receive updates from Working Groups and discuss and decide what action to take.
9. To discuss and decide upon arrangements for Remembrance Sunday.
10. To discuss and decide how to address problems caused by parents parking in Summerwood Lane.

11.1. To approve Schedule of Payments
11.2. To receive Financial Statement
11.3. To further discuss and suggest ways in which available S106/CIL monies should be spent and if necessary decide what action to take to ensure that the money is spent on Halsall Parish projects
11.4. To approve and accept the Annual Audit Return for year ended 31st March 2016
11.5. To discuss and decide which company to take out insurance with for the coming year and whether to opt for a long term agreement.
11.6. To discuss and decide whether the council wishes to contribute toward the cost of advertising the scarecrow  scarecrow-with-blackbirdfestival.


  1. I like item 3 on the agenda, perhaps we could adopt that at Aughton. We may see some of our borough councillors there more often.

    • Oh dear, I’m not at all sure about that. Halsall has an excellent borough councillor now after Stephenson. The 11 July 2016 Minutes of the Aughton Parish Council state “Councillor David Westley was attending the meeting as a Borough Councillor but offered some useful information on Agenda Item 8a”. 8. LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL: a) Changes to where LCC delivers its services – consultation (previously notified to members) – to consider any comments. And I reported that “Such was the impact of what Westley said, that whatever he DID say, was not useful enough to be minuted. But WLR reported it anyway “Then, a buzz of antipathy swept the room as the Chairman called Cllr Wally Westley who had deposited himself in the rear seats with Aughton Cllr Captain RN (Retired) Currie. Something to do with Moorgate Children’s Centre and the Moorgate Munchkins being closed by LCC and having to share space in the Ormskirk Library? As he left the meeting a resident whispered that “Old Wally was wearing socks with a red elephant design on them”. Surely not! The Westleyphant believing his own image? Whatever next? Could it be a fashion statement, old fogies tend to look back on their youth and make them, but red elephants!” We wonder why the Official Parish minutes didn’t record the apathy generated by this unwelcome intruder?

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