Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 7, 2016

Wexit For Wally?

Is it really Wexit for Wally wexitforwally and has he been binned? Was Wally Westley beaten in a re-selection contest for the county West Lancashire East seat? A claim suggests that Wally wanted re-selection and was defeated. This will make a huge dent in the Wally household budget, dropping a county council basic allowance of £10,362. Not to mention the “what goes around comes around” maxim, as in “you will reap what you sow”.

What next for Wally? Leading his West Lancashire party into oblivion brings political shame on him alone as the episode that snatched victory from Adrian Owens showed. In May 2015 Cllr Owens wrote “The Local Conservatives really are in a parlous state. In the General Election, their vote fell by almost 1500 to the same percentage they got in 2001, reversing (and more) the progress they had made at the last General Election. In the local council active younger councillors like David Sudworth and Paul Blane decided to call it a day. When it came to the elections, they could only field a fully slate of candidates by bringing people out of retirement. When they have a Leader who excludes ward councillors from any knowledge of key initiatives in their ward and from meetings involving the largest employers in their ward, then it’s not surprising. Respect for colleagues is a first step towards respect for electors – something sadly lacking among some in the Conservative party locally”.

It’s worth repeating once again that Cllr Owens also wrote last May “I was elected Leader of the Conservative Group on the council by the 27-strong group of councillors in a secret ballot – one person, one vote. Two Conservative councillors wouldn’t accept that decision and immediately set about destabilising the Group. Regretfully, they were aided and abetted by the newly elected Deputy Leader, Councillor Westley who had just lost the Leadership Election. There followed two weeks of scheming and plotting by a few in the Conservative group. Ultimately the two councillors who refused to accept the democratic decision of the Group chose to refuse to vote with their Conservative colleagues when electing the Leader of the Council”.

So are we ushering in the era of “Wexit” as Westley exits the LCC? We live in hope just for this! cluckers And is Cllr Greenall enjoying his success now as we recall  this greenwallybus?

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