Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 5, 2016

Borough Councillor Selected By Party As County Candidate

Derby Ward Borough Councillor Paul Greenall greenallfuzz stated tonight “Party members have tonight selected me as their candidate for the West Lancashire (East) seat in the 2017 County Council elections”. If he is true to his word and is elected he will resign his Derby Ward borough seat and cause a by-election.  The current holder of the  West Lancashire East seat is D Westley.


  1. Shocking for a sitting county councillor to be de-selected in this way as incumbency usually gives a large boost.

    • Is it de-selection? Might it be retirement? Greenall has been publicly stating he is seeking the nomination for quite some time. Would he be doing that if the incumbent was seeking re-election? Whatever, if Greenall gets the county vote there will be a Derby ward by-election and who can win that? Labour or even a second OWL?

      • Definite de-selection. Greenall beat Westley in the vote.

      • Amazing if confirmed. Where next for Wally?

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