Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 4, 2016

Do You Have A Head For Heights?

Playing foot golf is not generally thought to involve having a head for heights. But the landfill orientated developers of Beacon Park Golf Club have changed all that. As we have so often said, WLBC allowed course development rights to West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd who gave them to Serco Leisure Operating Ltd who gave them to Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd. This created the landfill money-go-round, royalties here, dumping fees there, shaping up cash there, but no landfill income for the owners of the Beacon Park Golf Course, the council tax payers who miss out. It’s a simple enough formula, devised to fill space like the old driving range and when it’s covered just keep on dumping on top of the dump. But what is the limit? Is it this 3...21 [click all pics to enlarge] which is now what you see if you walk up the foot golf dump and look down on the roof of the old driving range. You may recall it was like this beaconoldrange not so long ago, before the lure of filthy landfill lucre took over. You need a good head for heights all over this on-going cash driven development. 4...21 Heavy machinery doesn’t come cheap 13...24 and landfill needs very heavy machinery!  Elsewhere the dumping just creates heavy clay on top of rubble then more rubble 9...22. And before I leave the scene of the great landfill cash grabbing machine I take another view 5...21 of what might be twice the height next week?

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