Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 2, 2016

OWLs Are Active

The latest news from Our West Lancashire owllogo includes some regurgitation of their green bin petition, councillor attendance, street cleaning, public toilets, and CCTV campaigns.

It might be remembered that OWL councillor Adrian Owens moved a motion calling for publication of attendance records at the July council meeting but every Labour and Conservative councillor present wanted to keep their attendance records away from scrutiny, despite 95% public support in the OWL snap poll for publication. “Someone realised that we would publish the attendance records in any event and that the council would then look foolish and so took the necessary action to publish attendance. This is another small step in bringing West Lancashire local government practices up to date. You may wish to ask your local councillor why they voted against this motion”. Been there, done that, mine aren’t too bad attendance-wise, but poor old Aughton Park has one councillor with 2 out of 6 attendances, a true part-timer on full time allowance.

OWLs have reminded me about the new Skelmersdale group who will campaign for an independent Town Council. Skelmersdale Independence Movement skemindmove have a facebook which states “Welcome to the Skelmersdale Independence Movement (SIM) page. Initially, we have one aim – to get Skelmersdale its own “Independent” Town Council – As the largest town in West Lancashire, with the biggest population and the most businesses and industry – We deserve our own council – We should HAVE A SAY and not be dictated to by West Lancs Borough Council based in Ormskirk or Lancashire County Council based in Preston, or indeed by the members of the House of Commons based in London – they DO NOT REPRESENT US.

We have had lots of passionate, dedicated Councillors over the years that have been affiliated to the two mainstream parties – Labour and Conservative – but because people have been disillusioned with the Parliamentary Parties from both sides, this has led to our local community losing some it’s most hard working and passionate champions it as ever had. – Westminster does not represent our “local” community – EVER!!

Be honest, when was there ever a change of Government in London that directly benefitted you in the last 50 years? – NEVER. Well NO MORE – PLEASE!!

This is the ideal time for the people of Skelmersdale to stand up and be counted. We call on the people of Skelmersdale – who are NOT Party members of the Political elite of our country to forget Party politics, to engage with your local community, to make a difference – Because the Political elite – certainly aren’t making any difference to YOU, or OUR Community.

30 August 2016 “We have tonight emailed all 17 Skelmersdale Labour Councillors asking for their support – we’ll keep you updated on how many respond! Please sign and share our petition – we need very many many more people to show their support – we just need to keep shouting!!”. Perhaps the next Full Council meeting should be held there? How about a Skelmersdale Motorfest?

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