Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 31, 2016

Burscough Suffers From A Flood Of Faeces, Again

A few days ago the A59 through Burscough was flooded and awash with faeces. It’s a disgusting situation that has been ignored right through the Local Plan saga, since 2010 or so. So, as one does, one calls for accountability by those responsible for it. Resident Gavin Rattray blames United Utilities and West Lancashire Borough Council, the usual suspects. “Clean” flooding ruins homes, who wants regular faeces flooding to follow? After going to the top, Mr Rattray received a “great disappointment” reply from the Secretary of State, and this is his response via Rosie Cooper MP.


Care of: MP Rosie Cooper
Suite 108
Malthouse Business Centre
48 Southport Road
Ormskirk L39 1QR

Ref: NPCU/RTI/P2365/76923

Attachments: 14064130_10153902415318226_3726771301814685580_n[1].jpg and 14102509_10153902414803226_1797742838469035039_n[1].jpg

Dear Sajid Javid MP Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government sajidmp

Thank you for your email as promised. I would like to rectify your office’s misunderstanding of the nature of my communication. The penultimate paragraph of the letter states, “I appreciate that this is not the preferred outcome for you and I understand there will be great disappointment as a result…………”

I was well aware that once the local plan was adopted Yew Tree Farm would be built on. As were thousands of residents who tried to influence the local plan in its current form and, excepting landowners, their agents and councillors were excluded from the opportunity to participate in the decision making process.

No Burscough resident would be foolish enough to believe that a Secretary of State would intervene and upset that status quo, so neither can I have any new disappointment. However, I had hoped that you might consider evidence of flooding from residents and act to prevent billion pound companies like United Utilities sending its telephone operators home during flooding events and hiding behind data protection legislation, rather than spending a paltry amount of money to prevent sewage regularly spilling onto Burscough’s streets.

United Utilities decisions are made at board level and are not local. Equally you could intervene to prevent WLBC, LCC and the EA pointlessly blaming each other and hiding behind data protection legislation, again rather than lifting a finger to resolve Burscough’s current surface water flooding problems.

Please find attached pictures of sewer flooding on the A59 in Burscough taken on the 28th August 2016 crap1 caused by twenty minutes of very heavy rainfall crap2 . In addition on the 11th June 2016 the Police closed the A59 completely for ¾ of a mile because of deep sewer flooding.

UU say that Burscough doesn’t have a sewer flooding problem and WLBC supports that. I’m sure even the Secretary of State would agree that what looks like faeces and smells like faeces, usually is faeces.

Yours sincerely

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