Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 25, 2016

Local Aughton Park Scam?

Residents of Aughton Park ward are receiving leaflets delivered to their homes by someone purporting to be a local councillor. The leaflet refers to the decision by the Planning Inspector to approve the development of 50 houses with a view for MORE to follow. Local residents of Aughton Park have often wondered who this mysterious person who allegedly represents them is. Well, she wants the residents to send the leaflet back to her with comments for the Planning Inspector who will no doubt be delighted to hear from her. And the leaflet is not to be returned to her home in Parbold, but to the West Lancashire Conservative Party. baileyparrs5   [click to enlarge]

This is, to put it mildly, an insult to residents of Aughton Park who are “represented” and I use the word loosely, by this part time “councillor” and I also use that word loosely.

The time for comments to the Planning Inspector if she had any concerns was at the Public Inquiry. Some local people DID so…Interested Persons: Aughton & Downholland Councillor O’Toole, Clerk to Aughton Parish Council Irene Roberts, Aughton Residents Group (ARG 2012) member Colin Atkinson, and Local resident Ian Forbes.

So who is she? Look no further than the official WLBC Entry shown below.

03/03/2016 – 26/08/2016
Attendance statistics for Councillor Susan Bailey
Statistic Count Percentage
Total expected attendances: 5
Present as expected: 1=20%
Apologies received: 2=50% of absences
Absent (incl. apologies): 4=80%

Perhaps the residents of Aughton, already the recipients of insults from other local councillors, might treat this intervention for what it is and be inclined to ask why we can’t be rid of 4 of the 5 useless councillors we have?

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