Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 24, 2016

Wainhomes Becomes The De Facto Planning Authority For West Lancashire?

So far as planning matters in Aughton are concerned and especially the Parrs Lane area the developer Wainhomes is now de facto our planning authority, shortly to be joined by Redrow. Even as we residents of the area contemplate the disaster inflicted on the top class agricultural land here we learn “the [Wainhomes] appeal scheme conflicts with LP Policies GN2, RS6 and EN2 (4). Yet still, the scheme would be a form of sustainable development that complies with LP Policies EN2, GN3 (3), IF3 (2) (ii) and GN3(2), and Framework paragraphs that include 32 and 118. Therefore, the appeal should be allowed”.

So in effect the Wainhomes conflictions are offset by its argument for sustainable development. Why didn’t WLBC planning officers know that? Why didn’t the local Tory administration know that?

Colin Atkinson of the Aughton Residents Group asks WLBC “Where does this leave the WLBC Local Plan as it my understanding that the Inspector has agreed with the Developers that it is ‘unsound’ in its current form and I get the impression that the inevitability is that the Redrow appeal is also likely to be allowed? Can you give your thoughts/opinion on the following…Does this mean that the whole Local Plan is now void and will have to be subject of another full examination? How is it that the Developers have been able to determine which of the Plan B sites should be brought forward without any consideration / selection process by WLBC? Will WLBC just ‘rollover’ and conform to these decisions or have the willingness to appeal these decisions to the High Court?”

But that well known local expert, the Andy Capp plandycapp of planning and currently leading the same Tory party to political oblivion, Cllr D Westley, is reported to have said “The Conservative Group is bitterly disappointed with the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow on appeal one of the two Applications that had been refused by the Council’s Planning Committee. We took the very difficult decisions that were necessary to deliver a robust Local Plan. They believed that they were acting in the best interests of the residents of West Lancashire and were ensuring the Borough would be protected from rogue developments.

“The Local Plan which was approved by the Planning Inspector after a lengthy public hearing designated the Parrs Lane Site as Safeguard Land. The expectation was Land being protected from development until at least 2027.

“I am satisfied that the Council Officers put up a very robust defence of the Committee’s decision but the Inspector allowed the Appeal as he was not convinced that there was a five year Supply of Housing Land and that the release of the Parrs Lane Site was required to make up the perceived shortfall.”

He neglected to say he accused decent and honest Aughton residents of lying door to door and wasting time simply because they were petitioning against the development his party supported against a development in Altys Lane. weslur 

The Inspector has said “No development for which outline planning permission has hereby been granted shall be started within any phase until full details of the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale (hereinafter called the “reserved matters”) in respect of that phase have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. All development shall be carried out in accordance with the “Reserved Matters” details approved. Application for approval of reserved matters for Phase 1 shall be made not later than the expiration of 18 months beginning with the date of this permission and not later than 5 years for subsequent phases. The development must be begun not later than the expiration of two years from the final approval of reserved matters, or in the case of approval on different dates, the final approval of the last such reserved matter to be approved”.

How strange that the Inspector didn’t give WLBC notice that he would allow the claim only IF WLBC failed to meet its target in 2017? Why the hurry? Oh, that’s simple enough, political donations = political obligations?

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