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Wainhomes An Established And Active House-Builder

The official report on Parrs Lane states “The appeal site is controlled by an established and active house-builder and there is no reason to doubt its deliverability”. So that’s alright then!

“Why a brand new Wainhome is the best option for you! The standard of newly constructed homes in the UK has never been higher than it is today, with annual surveys showing that it continues to improve year after year. With a requirement for new homes at unprecedented levels, Wainhomes is investing heavily in the design and quality of its new homes. Our homebuyers appreciate that commitment, and below are the main reasons for choosing to purchase a new Wainhome.

Peace of mind. Buying a new Wainhome will eliminate many of the worries you might face when buying a second-hand property. There will be no renovations or repairs to do, giving you more time to spend with family and friends. In addition, all our new homes come with an insurance-backed 10-year warranty from the National House Building Council, giving new homeowners the genuine peace of mind not available when buying a second-hand property.

Sourced from the published Cornish Guardian 28 October 2015 “Moving into your first home is supposed to be the best time of your life, but it’s been a total nightmare,” said Par resident Joe Saywell. Joe, 24, and his wife Sophie, 28, said they were excited to move into their new Wainhomes house on Mountside Road two years ago. Even when their kitchen flooded barely three weeks later they dismissed it as a one off “one of those things” said Sophie. But when it happened again and then again  alarm bells began to ring. “The kitchen flooded four times in the first year we were there,” Sophie said. “It’s always the same thing: a washer under the sink that’s perished really quickly, so we’ve not noticed it”. The kitchen floor in Joe and Sophie Saywell’s house has been replaced four times due to flooding.

“There have also been leaks in the bathrooms which have caused parts of the ceiling to come down, and we’ve got cupboards which are riddled with mould. It’s just been one thing after another.” The couple’s home was initially protected by a defect warranty, making Wainhomes responsible for fixing any maintenance problems – but not always with the desired results. Joe said “We had a leak in the downstairs toilet, and Wainhomes sent a plumber over to sort it out. He tightened something up around the back of it, but I flushed it the next day with someone from Wainhomes there, and the pipe just burst. Water went everywhere”.

But of most concern was a problem they encountered with their staircase. “We discovered one day that the stairs were moving away from the wall,” said Sophie. “There was a gap you could get your finger down. I was heavily pregnant at the time. Joe made a really big deal out of it, but they took forever to come and fix it”. The couple, who work as managers for a supermarket chain, said each time they complained to Wainhomes they were given the same answers.

“They kept telling us this stuff was perfectly normal, but clearly it’s not,” said Sophie. “They said the stairs coming away was because the house was ‘settling”. Joe added “I had someone tell me that mould spreading up the walls was normal, but as far as I’m concerned that’s nonsense”. He said the latest issue involved the bathroom ceiling

The bathroom ceiling separating from the walls. BOTL20151024B-003_C

parts of which had begun to sag and come down. “Whoever put the roof up has forgotten to put a noggin  noggins in. I’ve complained about it but they say technically it’s not their problem. How can it not be their problem when they built the house? It’s just not good enough. If we could move, we would, but it’s our first house and it’s not something we want to do. You do wonder what’s going to be next, though”.

A spokesman for Wainhomes explained that the couple’s defects warranty expired in May this year, making them liable for any repairs. “There have been a number of snagging items which have been dealt with in a timely manner and we have also been back in to deal with a few minor items since the warranty period had expired as a gesture of goodwill,” he said. “Our maintenance team had arranged to visit the property on August 27 to finish the last few outstanding items, but there was no one home when he called. He left a note asking for them to rearrange and to date we have heard nothing more.” He added that an appointment had since been made with the couple for a workman to visit their home.

Question? If Wainhomes “Warranties = 10 Year NHBC Buildmark Warranty, and = 2 Year Wainhomes Warranty” which is dependable? How can a forgotten roof noggin be a buyer problem? But we have every confidence in what the Inquiry decided.


  1. Yesterday, drove past the debacle that is the new housing estate plonked on the last remaining bit of green space at the bizarrely named ‘Heathfields’ estate in Burscough. The supposedly detached houses are packed so closely to each other you’d have to turn sideways to walk down the side of them. The gardens are at best micro-sized, at worst, the area of a plant pot.

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