Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 21, 2016

Beacon Park Golf Club Open Tournament

Beacon Park Golf Club enjoyed a good Open Tournament yesterday with 98 entries and most of them playing in rain. The winner was Danny Collins. There were 17 sponsors including, I’m informed, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd with a generous £500. There was  jacko and also hoult 

The developments continue with more landfill arriving daily. The new par 3 nine hole course was referred to in the Weller Designs assessment combined desktop study and field assessment. Studies were carried out by Bruce Weller (HN Dip LD) and Richard Swann (BA Hons Geog), including site visits as long ago as June and October 2010 when DCT Leisure Ltd still had the contract from WLBC. “All of open areas within the golf course are occupied by golf holes, other than the site of the proposed par-3 course, which is currently unutilised but which until recent years was a golf practice area weller18,  and the practice range. weller18right [click all pics to enlarge]

“On higher ground to the east of the 18th fairway, a new par-3 short course is to be constructed featuring varied contouring. Levels will typically rise by several meters where new greens, tees and fairways are being pushed out from the existing slope, but in small areas new mounds will result in elevation changes of up to 5.5m. Average depth of fill is below 1.7m . Does this 9hole12 resemble the bottom half of this wellerappD ? To accommodate levelled fairways, slope angles between holes will generally be between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4”. There are no bunkers included in the new par-3 short course, which might indicate concern with the costs of maintaining them! The new par-3 short course area, whilst not currently being used for golf, was until recent years a practice area, managed with regular mowing.

“The minimal extent of distant and middle-distant views means that visual impact on any off-site receptors will be minimal. The most visible area in which works are proposed is the short course field, but the restriction of earthworks to the height of the ridgeline will avoid any skyline impact. The ridge will in effect be widened into the field, but from Beacon Park to the south this will be set against a wooded backdrop rather than the Skyline”.

Will the new par-3 short course ever be played on without drastic alterations? How can it receive approval? How will it receive Health and Safety approval? Who will supervise and deliver up to date legislation? Who will budget, implement a business plan, and set operational strategies? Who will complete all statutory financial requirements for HMRC? Who will be safeguarding and protecting children? All matters of major concern for West Lancashire Borough Council. Has planning permission been breached for landfill profit?

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