Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 6, 2016

Why No Part-time Rate Of Member Allowances?

The question about councillor attendance should not be to expose those who duck out on representing voters at Council but how to penalise them? Should part-time councillors receive part-time member allowances? How about imposing a member turn-up allowance rate?

In July 2016 Cllr Owens proposed to WLBC Council “This council therefore instructs officers to publish the councillor records of attendance at meetings of the full council and the formal committees of the council on the council website and by formal notice on the council noticeboard, to commence as soon as practicable and no later than 30 April 2017 taking account of all meetings, as described above, from the start of the 2016/17 municipal year”. The proposal was lost.

On 19 July that bastion of free speech and paragon of virtue Wally Westley whereswallywas selectively economical with the truth as he ignored the “full council” meetings bit and concentrated on committees when with these weasel words he wrote on his party website “You could not make it up. Cllr Owens is only entitled to sit on one of the Council’s many committees. In the last year he has been a member of the Licensing Committee. It met 4 times during the year yet he only managed to attend 2 meetings”.

Because of austerity we council tax payers have to lose some services and pay more for some we already pay for anyway. But councillors seem to be immune.

The Aughton Park Conservative Cllr Bailey, S. Basic Allowance £4,842. Attendances 12/02/2016 – 06/08/2016 Expected 6 Present 2=33%.

The Burscough East Conservative Cllr Melling R. Basic Allowance £4,842. Attendances 12/02/2016 – 06/08/2016 Expected 6 Present 3=50%

The Wrightington Conservative Cllr Baybutt P. Basic Allowance £4,842. Attendances 12/02/2016 – 06/08/2016 Expected 5 Present 2=40%

The Derby Ward OWL Cllr Owens. Basic Allowance £4,842. Attendances 12/02/2016 – 06/08/2016 Expected 4 Present 4=100%…Not so much stuffed OWL as stuffed Wally?


  1. I think their allowances should be paid pro rata to their attendance. I also believe their allowances should be reduced to begin with, given the ‘austerity’ measures that they are imposing on all of us. Lead by example?

    • Payment by attendance, sign in, sign out after full attendance and a full contribution to the business of looking after the electorate. Only then should members claim tax payers funds.

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