Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 1, 2016

MP Rosie At Beacon Park Golf Course

MP Rosie Cooper made a visit to the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill developments today to familiarise herself with issues her constituents are raising. She also had an informative meeting with the Serco Contracts Manager Mark Snaylam, Golf Club Captain Tom Jackson, and Club Secretary Malcolm Hayman.

Rosie took the opportunity to see the new 9hole course and also a mound of soil/rubble beacon01807 that’s been unattended to for months, as the rough growth shows. She is seen with Tom Jackson beacon01806. As luck would have it she also witnessed lorry loads of rubble arriving beacon01809 and you can see two arriving behind Rosie’s shoulder in this picture [click pics to enlarge]

Also interesting to see some of the exposed rubble on the 9hole course being hand collected and stacked for removal as this picture beacon01804 shows. It might best be described as a long term project with no end date in sight!


  1. A little Dickie bird whispered in my ear recently that a year ago, the office which holds all the vehicle tipping receipts was broken into and all the receipts were removed, kind of convenient don’t you think? I wonder why this wasn’t made common knowledge?

    • The “office” is, so far as I know, a “container” that is the stopping point by lorry drivers for the exchanging of a delivery billet doux for a receipt. Not that it matters too much, as it seems the “royalty” is a small part of the actual dumping fee, that is the real money maker. Perhaps the “Dickie bird” might wing its way into my email address that is always eager to receive “bird droppings” of this kind?

  2. I wonder exactly how many lorry load receipts went astray, and how much in royalties was lost by the rate payers of West Lancs.

    • By all accounts the “royalties” due to the Leisure Trust were, are, a very small proportion per delivery of rubble/landfill of the landfill fees paid to the developers. Council tax payers have received nothing from “developing” this publicly owned asset, have they, and never were? Wasn’t that the secret council deal in 2011? The loss of receipts doesn’t affect the public because the only thing that matters in this entire shoddy deal is how much is now showing up in developer shareholders funds.

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