Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 22, 2016


In December 2015 Rosie Cooper MP received a letter from Rupert Soames the Group Chief Executive of “Serco…Bringing Service To Life” plc. It replied to complaints about the maintenance and “land re-profiling” [landfill] at Beacon Park Golf Course. It contained the phrase “When we took over Beacon Golf Course we were faced with a legacy of under maintained and under invested in facilities. Since 2012 we have maintained the course to a good standard and have retained the services of the experienced greens keeper”. Soames then refers to giving Rosie “a flavour of the scope and magnitude of the works we have undertaken” such as spending on the building, greens machinery, bi annual “verti draining” and “top dressing”, and 80 tonnes of sand in the bunkers.

Soames also states “we have diligently maintained the Beacon facility over the last three years…significantly improved the maintenance and investment within the facility”.

So it might come as a shock to Soames to find that just six or so months later a list of what is called the “Beacon Park Golf Course Action List” is pinned up in the club office. I took a picture of it. actionlist[click to enlarge]It contains 11 priorities in response to golf club members’ concerns, faults that did not just happen AFTER the Soames letter to Rosie Cooper. What will become obvious is this list seems to be a reaction to the event on 30th June 2016, the Annual General Meeting of the West Lancashire Community Leisure Limited, the Trust that allegedly was receiving landfill royalties that were instead, by confession of a Serco employee, received by Serco Leisure Operating Limited, owned by Serco plc. Whoops, comments from Mr Soames will be appreciated!

Hopefully all these matters for action will be paid for by the royalties that will by now have been sent to where they belong, the Community Leisure bank account and, more to the point, to the accounting process by which the public will see such accounting in next year’s accounts?

The good news? You can play golf at the Beacon Park Golf Course for two weeks for £25 membership. The bad news? The priorities and issues won’t be completed until 20th August at the earliest. Well, that’s a Sercockup for you!

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