Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 20, 2016

OWL Shoots Itself In The Foot By Grabbing A Headline?

The West Lancashire Conservatives are carrying a website story, a sort of attempted character assassination of a former member. It’s priceless. The Tory party that we all know is in steep decline and hasn’t got a policy worthy of the name has now stooped to Cllr Owens baiting.

The story reads “Yes, it is true but don’t get upset as it was not one of our feathered friends. Rather, it was Cllr Adrian Owens, the sole member the OWL Party owllogo, and involves a Motion he has put forward for consideration by West Lancashire Borough Council for councillors’ attendance to be posted on the Council’s noticeboard.

“Conservative Group Leader, Cllr David Westley, has said “You could not make it up. Cllr Owens is only entitled to sit on one of the Council’s many committees. In the last year he has been a member of the Licensing Committee. It met 4 times during the year yet he only managed to attend 2 meetings. If wanting to highlight his own poor performance is not bad enough, he seems to have forgotten that attendance at meetings is already made public. The information is part of the Committee Minutes published on the Council’s website.

“When a Conservative or Labour Councillor cannot make a meeting, then arrangements are made for a substitute to attend in their place. Cllr Owens does not have this option being the only member of a party of one and his absences are important given the Licensing Committee is quasi-judicial.

“On a serious note [what, from this Tory leader?], this is just another attempt by Cllr Owens to grab a headline. He has no policies, does not publish a proper manifesto setting out his position on important local issues. He prefers to campaign on manufactured issues that are largely irrelevant. His favourite pastime is unjustified sniping at his fellow hardworking councillors”. Of course Cllr Wally Westley never stooped to grabbing a headline, he just called residents of Aughton liars…weslur

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