Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 20, 2016

Hullo And Welcome

In four weeks, on 20 August, the Beacon Park Golf Club Open Tournament will be held. Visitors are always welcome, and there is a sign welcome to prove it, the official and historical “WLDC Welcome” Sign that Open Day visitors will (hopefully) see.

The first picture shows the Sign area a few months ago and the second welcometobeacon shows it last Saturday. Due to neglect by the course managers the mound of landfill by the sign has grown weeds, daisies, and poppies. Some might think this is a desirable outcome for a golf course. After all the new 9 hole course is competing very well with its own weeds superlawn1 and this sign keepoffweeds.

But why should the Beacon Park Open Golf Tournament be held on a course for which so much was promised and only landfill is delivered? West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd has a contractual agreement with Serco Leisure Operating Ltd for the operation of Leisure facilities including since January 2012 the Beacon Park Golf Course. Over four years have passed. Landfill arrived, and arrived, and arrived, and still arrives moundroyalties.

No apologies offered for repeating what WLBC has stated “West Lancashire Community Leisure Limited (Leisure Trust) has a partnership agreement with Serco Leisure Operating Limited to deliver services on their behalf. Serco have entered contractual arrangements with Oakland Golf and Leisure Limited to deliver the scheme on behalf of West Lancashire Community Leisure. Serco underwrite the operations and have indemnified the Leisure Trust for the operations at the five trust sites, including Beacon Golf course, with regard to any operating losses and provide a parent company guarantee and insurance cover for the operation of facilities including the work at the Beacon”.

No apologies also for asking again what the proven track record of Oakland Golf and Leisure Limited is of producing golf courses regardless of how much landfill it takes? Come to think of it, again, how much experience and ability to monitor golf course developments and the cash royalties that come with it does the West Lancashire Borough Council Directorate of Leisure have? Oakland Golf and Leisure Limited produced “Shareholders’ Funds” increased from £17,979 to £318,589 as at August 2015 oakbalance. Looks to me like there is one weed on the new 9 hole course for every £ of the latest shareholder funds?

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