Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 18, 2016

Wally Selfservative Slams Labour’s Budget Proposals

On the subject of being ridiculous and plain stupid, and who better to speak of being ridiculous and plain stupid, the ConSelfservative Group Leader is highly critical of Labour’s Budget Proposals due to be discussed at this week’s Full Council Meeting. He’s thrown his toy out again westleypram“The proposals are poorly thought out, represent unnecessary cuts in important frontline services and the new charges mean residents will be paying more for less. The proposals include: 1.75% increase in Council Tax; New £30 pa charge for a reduced Green Waste Collection of 38 weeks; Public Toilets to be closed; 10 CCTV cameras to be scrapped and reduction in live monitoring; Street Sweeping and Grass Cutting to be reduced; Building Control to be allowed to continue to lose £100k a year”.

Westley, the Conservative Leader, said “This is the same old Labour Party that can never do anything but slash frontline services and increase tax and charges. I appreciate that Labour are distracted by their internal party squabbling over Corbyn’s leadership but it is inexcusable that they have failed to come up with any ideas or initiatives to improve the efficiency of the Council.

“The cuts are unnecessary given the Council underspent by £615k last year and it is perfectly feasible to make further efficiency savings by working in partnership with our neighbouring councils. The previous Conservative Administration did it with Lancashire and Wigan that together with other efficiencies saved well over £5m or 35% of the annual budget.

“The scrapping of CCTV cameras and the reduction in live monitoring is not only ridiculous but plain stupid. It demonstrates a lack of joined up thinking as only last week the Council published its annual review of CCTV and made great play of how effective it was in combating crime and the fear of crime.

“Labour [to] need [to] withdraw the Budget Proposals and go away and work up some sensible solutions to balance the budget”.

Perhaps he’s been reading the edicts of the best leader they never had, made three days earlier by OWL Owens. And as for going away and working up something sensible, perhaps he just ought to go away, at least from Aughton & Downholland? He always reminds me of another unnecessary cut in important frontline services perpetrated by he and his party, the introduction of social exclusion by removing the concessionary travel tokens. Elderly and disabled residents were the targets then, the nastyservatist party was alive and well.

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