Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 15, 2016

They Walked Down Memory Lane

As we wait for the “big gas find” under our cherished West Lancashire agricultural land, some residents canalwalk1 [click to enlarge] held a “Everything we stand to lose walk” along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal last Sunday from the Saracen’s Head Bridge Halsall along the edge of the unwanted Aurora seismic survey area to Lydiate. And some were brave enough to float too moboat!

Local residents and neighbours who have already been affected or will be affected by the “dash for gas” in the future walked canalwalk2. As they point out “We are right in the heart of the very best agricultural land in the UK, if not the world! And yet this Tory Government is determined to frack mother earth into oblivion to “extract” the last vestiges of climate annihilating hydrocarbons”. Why are they not focusing on renewable, ie the only thing that will be left for our children, their children and their children’s children? Could the agenda be vested interest and lobbying by big dirty business?” Why not? Isn’t it OK to frack Lancashire so long as it doesn’t happen in Soamesland, Mid Sussex?

And so they meandered, a “dog against fracking” meandered dogwalk. They all enjoyed the beautiful countryside surrounding them and took photographic records of all around them of what we stand to lose if the seismic survey is “encouraging”. In Aurora’s words “Should the survey be encouraging it is likely that Aurora will seek planning permission to drill one or two exploratory wells”.

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