Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 12, 2016

Civic Honour For Beacon Park Golfers

Borough Councillor for Moorside Terry Aldridge yank has proposed a Motion to WLBC Full Council next Wednesday to honour the Beacon Park Golf Club members who won a prestigious Municipal Association team trophy.

“Beacon Park Golf Club Magnificent Competition Success – Motion included on the Agenda by Councillor Aldridge on behalf of the Labour Group

“That this Council recognises the difficulties facing the Beacon Park Golf Club and its members during the course developments and congratulates them on their success in winning the South Lancashire Municipal Golf Clubs Association team championship held at Bowring Park Golf Course. Eight teams of fourteen players each competed for the trophy which can be seen at the Beacon Park Golf Clubhouse. It is a splendid success for Captain Tom Jackson, for his Team, and for West Lancashire”.

The problems facing the golfers include an ongoing landfill development that should create a 9Hole junior course and a foot golf course. Although some improvements have been made inside the clubhouse beaconclubhouse sadly the golf projects have turned into a nightmare and a recent dry spell turned the greens into “browns” because it “costs £500 every time the water supply is turned on”. What a contrast today as shown by this bunker reflections.  The landfill continues landcashlorry to arrive, weeds superlawn outgrow any grass on the 9Hole, and landslip gathers pace every day hazard1. [click pics to enlarge] It was despite all these problems that the team managed such a great win and made them worthy of such a Motion to council.

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