Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 12, 2016

Aughton Parish July Report

The old days when the Aughton Parish Council consisted of 11 members of the Tory party and one shopkeeper and we all walked out in anger  aughtonup7 are fading from our memories, well mine anyway! Last night another independent parish councillor for Christ Church ward was appointed, a young family man who wants to put something back into the area he lives in. Having been interviewed by such luminaries as Parish Cllrs Grant and Roberts, both by coincidence or not also representing Christ Church ward, he still took it on! We need one more councillor for Town Green.

NeighbourHoodWatch Liaison Officer Lynn Wareing whose patch covers Skelmersdale, Up Holland, Burscough, Ormskirk, Banks & Hesketh Bank, Chorley, Euxton, Coppull, Adlington, Clayton-le-Woods & Whittle-le-Woods, Preston, Broughton & South Ribble, attended to update us. We now have another four community watches in Aughton. We will hopefully benefit from some property marking equipment for bikes, mobile phones, and other personal property, depending on a successful bid for funding. The Parish Chairman asked for notice of a request for £100 from parish funds as it was a committee decision, and what damage that might do to the parish cash pile of £120,000 is a serious matter!

In public question time a resident of Long Lane questioned the practice of allowing bungalows, much needed homes for elderly people who no longer want stairs, to be converted to houses. On being told “there’s nothing as a parish council we can do about it” our intrepid lady was having none of it. She responded forcefully and restated her case that surely homes for the elderly that suited them was a policy we need and should have.

Another resident of Long Lane wondered when the long awaited SPID would be arriving, and would you believe it, spending cash money needs serious consideration despite unanimous concern about the Long Lane rat-run.

Then, a buzz of antipathy swept the room as the Chairman called Cllr Wally Westley who had deposited himself in the rear seats with Aughton Cllr Captain RN (Retired) Currie. Something to do with Moorgate Children’s Centre and the Moorgate Munchkins being closed by LCC and having to share space in the Ormskirk Library? As he left the meeting a resident whispered that “Old Wally was wearing socks with a red elephant design on them”. Surely not! The Westleyphant wetleyphant1 believing his own image? Whatever next? Could it be a fashion statement, old fogies tend to look back on their youth and make them, but red elephants!

Crime was down in Aughton, with 10 crimes recorded including a burglary in Liverpool Road, some thefts of vehicles and property from Aughton Park Drive, and some damage to the door of the Bold Lane dentist.

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