Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 6, 2016


While David Cameron claims to have stabilised the economy after a deep recession and introduced same-sex marriage, his legacies will be austerity and his self inflicted personal disaster, Brexit. Nigel Farage has one legacy, Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn has no legacies but might be remembered for leaving his party in tatters. In West Lancashire Westley took the leadership of the Tory party and promptly led them into opposition, another party in tatters, what a legacy.

And now, staying in West Lancashire, there is another legacy that cannot ever be forgotten. Beacon Park Golf Course, the great landfill legacy left us by West Lancashire Borough Council, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd. You will never be free of it as you walk out to play your first hole, and there is the great looming 9Hole landfill course. It’s there for posterity unless drastic action is taken against the landfill developers to reduce it at their own cost to an acceptable level.

As promised a few days ago, here are more pictures of it. Rain is good for golf courses so long as it falls on grass. On the Beacon Park 9Hole the rain falls mainly on the exposed gravel, bricks, and concrete and what grass did grow for a short while is now being washed away. 9hole11 Spot the topsoil? 9hole31 Spot the bricks? 9hole13 Spot the car? 9hole20 Spot the new gully? 9hole23 Spot the weeds being washed away with the grass and a chunk of metal?  [Click all the pics for details] Horrible isn’t it, and all provided by the experts! Not!

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