Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 5, 2016

Publish Councillor Attendance Records Say Our West Lancashire

“Residents should be able to easily check on the attendance records of Borough councillors” say Our West Lancashire owllogo.

Our West Lancashire councillor, Adrian Owens has tabled a motion at the July council meeting calling for the change. He said “The large majority of councillors are very diligent and attend the formal council and committee meetings at which they are scheduled. However, at a time when the requirement to publish attendance records has recently been extended even to include school governors on school governing bodies we believe that residents should be able to see councillors’ attendance records too.”

Cllr Owens pointed out that neighbouring councils in Chorley and South Ribble already published councillor attendance records. He added “The Independent group, Our West Lancashire firmly believes that residents should be in the driving seat and that’s why last year we promoted resident question time which the council has now adopted. As councillors we are accountable to our electors and it seems a small but important step for residents to be able to check easily our attendance records.”

Current state of the  OWL poll-80% Yes, 20% No

However, it seems that the WLBC may provide such a facility, see below.


Cllr Adrian Owens 2nd June 2015 Present
1st December 2015 Absent with apology
2nd February 2016 Present
5th April 2016 Absent without apology


  1. It looks like councillor Owens has scored an own goal, it appears that he has only attended 50% of the committee meetings he is there to represent…tut!

    • Yes, it seems so. Assuming he has a good attendance record for Full Council the % would be better but I suppose most councillors attend Full Council? And is he the only councillor with one committee membership?

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