Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 4, 2016

One Pays £100 Annually Doesn’t One

All seems very quiet among our Tory friends here in West Lancashire. The Tory Prime Minister is resigning because of Brexit but there is no news about the resignation of the local Tory leader whose only claim to fame is to have lost control of the council. While the local Labour leader is shell-shocked by Brexit the best Tory offer is a meeting tonight, Monday, 4th July 2016 Time: 7pm Meeting at the office.

But you CAN help out. The last Tory Newsletter reported on “Patrons News”. This time last year we could not foresee how happy we would feel about the New Year. Yes it’s wet and too many are flooded, and we face the vexed question of in or out of Europe, but we have a Conservative Government, against all the predictions. Elections cost money and our best way to help the Party is by being paid-up members. The Patrons Club is a special way of doing this – yes one pays £100 annually but we have an event for which your ticket is paid by the Association. In the last year we have attended two dinners, with the Rt Hon Theresa May MP mayscream and the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP as guest speakers, and the Ladies’ Day Event at the Royal Lancashire Show. All interesting and enjoyable. We would be delighted if this year you joined us. Contact Jenni or Edward for details. PS Bring your cheque or cash card!


  1. I wonder if that refers to Edward McCarthy, the hapless wannabe that the Tories he works so hard for dump on so regularly. Just a thought.

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