Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 2, 2016

Fracking Protest In Barton

Local anti-frackers had a fantastic turnout today with over 60, including many young people, attending 20160702_110716.

They gathered in Station Road, Barton and walked down to the farmyard Tesla are using as base camp. 20160702_111349_resized_1 The gates were closed but there was a security van behind it with two security guards in it. They stayed in the van except for one time to ask someone who had parked on the drive to move their van and when Maureen Mills, together with 3 young people, delivered to them two letters from the concerned residents and tax payers holding Aurora and Tesla liable for trespass or damage, howsoever caused, as a result of the Geophysical survey. It went on (mentioning the leaflet Tesla delivered) In particular, we would quote the following from the leaflet:

“The survey has been carefully planned to minimize any disturbance to residents and the environment. All operations will comply with relevant central and local government regulations and provisions. The permissions of owners and occupiers will have been obtained prior to any survey entry onto private land. Neither the surveying equipment used nor the vibrations produced pose any risk to property, public safety or health”.


  1. Localism at its very finest, well done all.

    • Agreed, a fantastic response at such short notice. Labour Cllr Mills leading as no other Halsall borough councillor has done for years.

  2. […] protest in Barton. The West Lancashire Record reports more than 60 local anti-fracking campaigners gathered in Station Road, Barton and walked […]

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