Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 1, 2016

OWL Poll On Councillor Attendance

OWLs owllogo are asking about “Councillor Attendance Records-Should the attendance records of councillors at official council meetings be published?” I voted Yes…and so far it’s 100% in favour. Is that because I’m the only person to vote?


  1. I hope Cllr Owens is confident he has attended all his committee meetings.

    • Is he on any committees? I’m not sure as a single councillor party what his rights are to be a member, I must look it up. But he does have rights to represent his ward, like all councillors do, and his electorate also have a right of representation. I live in tory Aughton, my rights to be represented far outweigh Cllr Owens’ constituents. It’s an anomaly, isn’t it?

    • I did look at “all” Cllr Owens’ committee memberships. Apart from Full Council he is a member of the Licensing and Appeals Committee. That’s it. Derby ward residents have an OWL party councillor, a Tory councillor, and a Labour councillor all representing them, but not equally because the Labour and Tory councillors are on more than one committee.

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