Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 30, 2016

Serco Leisure Operating Banks Beacon Park Golf Landfill Royalties

In a remarkable admission tonight it can be revealed that the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalties that belong to West Lancashire Community Leisure Limited are being banked by Serco Leisure Operating Ltd. We have been searching for information about where the royalties, specifically stated by a WLBC officer as being paid to West Lancashire Community Leisure, are accounted for.

On 21 August 2015 we were told “The royalties for the materials being brought to site and currently used to re-profile an area of the golf course for a new 9 hole par 3 course are paid to West Lancashire Community Leisure. Details of the royalties and payments are commercially confidential. Serco Leisure Operating Limited are responsible for monitoring the contracted works and are responsible to ensure that the finished work provides the new 9 hole facility and that any royalties received are spent on the Beacon Golf Course, including the club house and associated facilities. Serco Leisure Operating Limited is not able to take any of the royalties as a profit or to charge any management fee for the supervision of the contacted works. All the royalties received are to be spent directly on the golf course and associated facilities”.

At the West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust Limited Annual General Meeting of the company tonight the Annual Financial Report produced by Verinder and Associates was provided and explained by Graham Rummens. During some discussions I asked Mr Rummens directly, was there any landfill royalty included in his accounts. No, he replied. The Trust members looked shocked. I asked that in view of his Financial Report and that WLBC had specifically stated royalties were paid to the Trust, where could they be accounted for.

Mr Mark Snaylam of Serco Leisure Operating Ltd then admitted the royalties were paid to his company Serco-Group. He stated and repeated, to requests by golf club members for a disclosure of the royalties, that it was Commercial In Confidence and he would not disclose it. What is now obvious is that while West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust Limited and council tax payers have no idea how much the royalties have generated, only Serco Leisure Operating Limited and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd as developer between them know how many loads for landfill have been brought to the course and how much cash they have generated. We can produce the accounts for Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd but we cannot produce relevant accounts for Serco Leisure Services Ltd.

But now we know. There has been no due diligence by WLBC since 2005, admitted in writing by the Leisure Services Director, who stated that the council’s contractual arrangements are robust, and ultimately all contractual matters are between Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd and Serco Leisure Operating Ltd. The Director also stated that “As with all such arrangements the Council is vigilant in ensuring suitable management oversight and has undertaken regular monitoring of works at the Golf Course in this regard”. Has he recently monitored THIS 014 “finished” 9hole course according to Mr Snaylam ?

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