Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 29, 2016

More Rod Liddle, On BBC Journos

“Keep an eye on BBC journos injecting their political agendas into the Brexit debate” says Rod Liddle Rod_Liddleof the Spectator [their image].

“A quick update on the BBC TV News. At ten o clock last night the programme ran a report from its idiotic northern correspondent, Ed Thomas edthomas [seen predicting cold weather in the Pennines], which attempted to suggest that the Leave campaign was responsible for nasty things being said to immigrants.

“Thomas is an appallingly partisan correspondent and presumably has his job because he is the only person within the BBC with a vaguely northern accent. He chose to interview two neanderthals.

“Then over to the inestimable Laura Kuenssssberg, who referred to the UK’s ‘likely’ exit from the EU. No, Laura: exit. We have to keep watching these patently parti-pris buggers. The subtle and not so subtle way they attempt to drive the political agenda. Keep an eye out especially for Thomas. And complain whenever he injects his own bien pensant worldview into his stories, which is sorta every time”.

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