Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 28, 2016

David Lammy Calls For Parliament To Overturn The EU Referendum Result

The Labour MP David Lammy has called the British people’s historic decision to liberate themselves from Brussels “non-binding”. As such, “laughable” Lammy thinks Parliament should overturn the referendum result. Lammy, a Harvard MA Law graduate, took part in the EU Referendum Act debate!

This was the clown who asserted that “our grandfathers had fought for the EU during WW2″. Which would have been news to my father who fought to prevent a German domination of Europe while we who are now somewhat older and wiser lived part of our young lives in Anderson bomb shelters ARS1 and suffered being bombed out of our homes.

I also recall Lammy being asked on “celebrity” mastermind, when he was Higher Education Minister, “who succeeded Henry 8th?” to which Lammy responded “Henry 7th”. I kid you not!

Well, it seems that Rod Liddle in the Spectator has started a petition “My petition cites the following reason”
“Mr Lammy has demonstrated that he does not understand democracy. He should be removed as MP for Tottenham and replaced by a set of plaster garden ornaments – an otter with a fish in its mouth, a heron and a gnome with a fishing rod. Lammy’s majority in Tottenham is just below 24,000 – I’m sure we can easily get past that”. I think so too!


  1. David Lammy on Mastermind

    • Thanks, useful to remind me. As I’m getting older and susceptible to bouts of forgetfulness these youtube videos are very helpful.

  2. You have a very good memory!

    • My wife thinks it is selective, I’m probably not alone in having a wife who thinks that!

  3. I’m watching that YouTube video through my fingers. If you’re crap at general knowledge why put yourself through that? Unless of course, you have an ego the size of a small planet?

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