Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 26, 2016

Dear Steve Mogford, Please Stand Up And Be Counted

Since 2010 United Utilities’ Dividends Per Share have been increased year on year from 20.00p to 25.14p. Its operating profits since 2010 have increased from £580,200,000 to £653,300,000. Its MD Steve Mogford received an increase of 9% in his annual salary, now £1,500,000. awash

Last week we reported on the relentless sewage campaigner and now we can update the flooded and sewage swamped residents of Burscough. He wrote

Dear Simon Chadwick

Thank you very much for the email from Emma Bateson, who has answered part of my emails to you. However, please appreciate that I addressed my earlier emails to yourself because you began a communication with me following my email to your CEO [Steve Mogford] Steve-Mogford which he ignored; and your emails raised other issues that I feel only you can answer, one being

“Is UU’s attempt to mislead myself [about UUs long term knowledge of Burscough’s shortage of sewer network capacity and known tendency to flood widely], and the other parties copied into the email, a strategy to prevent it being put in special measures by OFWAT?”

Therefore, I would much rather wait until you have the time to respond to all of the points yourself. Would 14 days be an adequate time for you to respond to my emails dated 4th and 16th June.

Best regards, Gavin Rattray

Click to read this uureport relevant page from the UU Full Results Presentation. It mentions “delivering great service to customers”. The last paragraph would be laughable were it not so serious!

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