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EU Referendum And Freedom Day

In the Queen’s Speech the government stated it would uphold the sovereignty of Parliament and the primacy of the House of Commons. It was a statement worthy only of this disgraceful government. While we remain members of the EU we will have no ability to determine our own laws. Primacy belongs to the EU and its Court of Justice. Remember that before you vote today and for the future of our sovereignty vote Leave today. What was fought for over centuries, the right of Britons to make the laws that govern our lives, will be lost if we remain in the EU. The role of the European Court of Justice is to deliver European integration, a United States of Europe.


The Polls Are Now Open! VOTE LEAVE. For the first time in over 40 years we have the opportunity to take back our democracy and reclaim Britain’s Independence. This is an historic opportunity to Get Britain Out of the EU. It is unlikely to ever come again. Make sure your voice is heard so we can take back control of the United Kingdom. Please ensure you make it to the polling station today before 10pm to VOTE LEAVE! Make today our Independence Day. getgbout

In West Lancashire 45,000+ leaflets have been delivered (by hand) by 35 volunteers. Stalls in Ormskirk town centre and the Freshfield show manned and a debate at Edge Hill university attended. 2,000 cars have passed our mobile Vote Leave car and boards from 8ft x 4ft to 2ft x 1.5 ft erected in fields and gardens. Generous financial donations have also been received. Car stickers , badges, pens and balloons plus window signs have been distributed and thousands of people engaged in conversations. The VOTE LEAVE team have done their bit. We need to make sure that come rain or shine we vote tomorrow. We must also make sure that our relatives, friends and workmates do the same. If they are undecided or don’t want to vote tell them that this is the MOST IMPORTANT VOTE OF A GENERATION and they will be letting themselves and their Children/Grandchildren down if the do not VOTE LEAVE. We want our Country back. We must pray that our fellow citizens VOTE LEAVE. onlywayisout

In a campaign characterised by mendacity, especially from the Remain camp, this was the day truth finally broke out. Adding more weight to the case for leaving the EU, four great Remain lies were demolished. Lie One: Turkey. From the start, David Cameron has hotly denied that there is any prospect of this predominantly Muslim country, with its population of 80 million, joining the EU in the foreseeable future. As he put it on ITV’s Peston’s Politics: ‘They applied in 1987. At the current rate of progress, they will probably get round to joining in about the year 3000.’ In fact talks will start on Monday!

Lie Two: For months, the Remain camp’s key claim has been that if we pulled out, our partners would slap punitive tariffs on British exports. Yesterday, the head of the German equivalent of the CBI laid the scare firmly to rest. Markus Kerber of the BDI declared ‘Imposing trade barriers, imposing protectionist measures between our two countries — or between the two political centres, the EU on the one hand and the UK on the other — would be a very, very foolish thing in the 21st century.’ marcuskerber

Lie Three: In his radio interview yesterday, and repeatedly in the past, the Prime Minister has insisted that if we stay in the EU, we can secure further reforms. Not true, says Jean-Claude Juncker. In an unequivocal statement, the President of the European Commission declares ‘British policymakers and British voters have to know that there will be no kind of renegotiation. We have concluded a deal with the Prime Minister. He got the maximum he could receive and we gave the maximum we could give”. cognacjuncker Juncker enjoys cognac with his breakfast meetings. We pay for it!

Lie Four: Again on the radio yesterday, as in previous interviews, Mr Cameron made much of his claim that EU migrants are deported if they haven’t found work after six months. How many times must he be told that nobody has been able to produce a shred of evidence of a single migrant being deported under this ‘rule’? But then what can we expect of a PM who seems ready to say anything that pops into his head if it suits his purpose? He was the man, after all, who said during the Scottish referendum: ‘I feel a thousand times more strongly about our United Kingdom than I do about the EU.’ Yet now, when asked about today’s vote, he says: ‘I feel equally passionate about this.’

euarmy Ten of UK’s most distinguished retired military officers call for Leave vote. They signed an eve of poll letter appealing for voters to back Leave and throw off Brussels rule. In their letter, they warn “It is clear to us that the EU is determined to create its own permanent military force. Those who argue that this will never happen underestimate the deviousness of the EU elite who have shown repeatedly a ruthless determination to achieve their aims by stealth.” They note that the Lisbon Treaty means Britain would be forced to give up its military independence and join an EU Army. keepcalm


  1. OUT!

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