Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 21, 2016

One Of Aughton’s Finest Brought To An End

One of Aughton’s gloriest assets, a huge tree standing in a Granville Park house garden but overlooking Winifred Lane has been brought down. It’s likely that heavy rain has weakened the ground around the roots, the beautiful tree has been top-heavy and sadly crashed down onto a boundary wall and then across Winifred Lane [click all pics to view]. 001 How sad that this beautiful tree 003 will probably end its days in a wood burning stove. And just around the corner in Winifred Lane we find the misery of “that pothole” which ripped tyres is ready to resume its damage again as its temporary repair falls apart 005.  No doubt we will have to endure the inevitable criticism, from our local Tory county councillor, of the Labour LCC which will respond that it is a Tory government seemingly intent on making the county bankrupt. 007 What we taxpayers see are white lines sprayed around the potholes, they’ve been inspected. The spray then fades, the potholes remain and worsen, and the circle of austerity resumes its monotonous route once again.

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