Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 21, 2016

How Leaving The EU Will Affect West Lancashire?

Cllr Ian Moran moran Leader West Lancashire Borough Council has issued a statement. It is a carbon copy of such statements made all over the country.

“Dear editor, as the Labour leader of WLBC responsible for the delivering services to thousands of west Lancs citizens every day, I believe that Britain is better off in the EU.

“From supporting local businesses and jobs, to protecting working people and supporting our health and environment, Britain’s EU membership is vital. If we leave, it is the people in our communities that will be hardest hit. The EU is by far the UK’s largest trading partner and the world’s largest single market; half of our exports go to EU countries, worth £227 billion in 2014 to the UK economy, and over 200,000 British companies export to the EU”.

[Well, the gap between exports and imports in the first 3 months of 2016 is £23.9billion. So, Ian, how vital is it? Surely the EU is not working. The eurozone is collapsing, millions of people are unemployed and Europe’s economies are massively underperforming. That means that European countries are buying less from us than ever before as we trade more with the rest of the world. In 15 years the EU became less important for UK trade, dropping from 60% to 44%.]

“The economic damage that leaving the EU would bring would wreak havoc on our local businesses and make it harder than ever for councils to deliver the services people rely on. Given the Government’s recent decision to devolve business rates, the disastrous economic effects of Brexit could mean catastrophe for our councils’ ability to deliver the services people rely on. Local councils have a crucial role to play in helping to protect our natural environment and securing a lower carbon future. We have been spurred on in our efforts by the standards and challenges set by the EU”.

[But Ian, if this West Lancashire council receives devolved business rates, how can you forecast disastrous economic effects caused by Brexit, which hasn’t happened? Do you have a crystal ball?]

“British shoppers in our local high streets and town centres are better protected than ever thanks to EU consumer protection and they pay lower prices on everything from passenger air fares to mobile phone roaming charges. We know that, on average, the lower prices that come from being able to access the largest single market in the world save families in our communities £450 a year”.

[Really? In Ormskirk and Skelmersdale? The only lower prices are in charity shops. How are THEY affected by the EU? How do you know the average family saves £450 a year, have you been listening to the Cameron/Osborne fear factor?]

“Our local police can better serve our communities because of the international intelligence they receive from European forces, and because they have the tools they need to do their job. The European Arrest Warrant has led to over 1,100 suspected criminals being arrested and returned to Britain to face justice; Britain has also sent 7,400 suspected criminals who had fled to our country back to the EU. Our communities would not be safer if we abandoned such an important tool in the fight against crime”.

[What local police Ian? Do we have any, even after paying the full police precept and then more into the Police Commissioner’s begging bowl? Our community has a PCSO who walks the length and breadth of the huge parish of Aughton. What tools does SHE have?]

“Local councils have already had to make substantial cuts to their budgets over the last 6 years and leaving the EU will represent a further funding black hole that would make it even harder to build homes and protect our towns against flooding. Also as a working postman mine and my work colleagues employment rights, such as sick pay, maternity and paternity pay, the right to paid holidays, agency workers’ rights and also H&S laws that keep workers safe are all secured thanks to the EU but they are at risk if we choose to leave the EU. In almost every area of council work, leaving the EU would have a negative impact. To successfully continue the delivery of better services, safe communities and prosperous places I believe it is vital that the UK votes to remain on the 23rd of June”. Thanks Ian Cllr Ian Moran”

[But Ian, died in the wool trade union leader Doug Nicholls dougn states “It’s an insult to say that our rights are protected and depend on the European Union. You tell that to a Greek worker, an Italian worker, a Spanish worker, or any of those accession states, who were told that their national collective-bargaining structures had to disappear if they were to get into the EU. Or Greece and others who were told that as a condition of bailouts you wipe out the whole of the collective-bargaining structure”. Do you disagree with him, is he wrong?

[Ian, have you sold your soul to the devil? Isn’t our economy now based on employers like Sir Philip Green, £billionaire, whose main claims to fame have been to shaft UK workers out of their pensions, to put his every asset into his wife’s off shore accounts, and to buy private jets to fly around the world to catch up with his huge yachts? Didn’t you listen to Frank Field MP and his committee? Isn’t our employment based on zero hours and sweat shops? What about Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct, condemned by Dennis Skinner MP dennis mp as monstrous. “I don’t think you should expect any social responsibility from the man that controls Sports Direct in my constituency at the warehouse at Shirebrook” he said. “That man has not made £6billion because he is a considerate employer. He is a monster of a man that doesn’t even reply to MPs’ letters, I’ve sent him many. He’s got £6billion and is on the Sunday Times Rich List because he’s the type of man that will not take any notice of HMRC unless this Government really means business”.

[Let me quote you this view of our trade from a Chief Economist that “The narrowing of the trade deficit in March is not much to celebrate. It remained bigger than its 12-month rolling average for the sixth consecutive month, and did not make up for dreadful deficits in January and February; Q1’s deficit was the biggest for eight years”. Are you really supporting a policy of the party that claims it has a “long term economic plan” and that plan includes becoming part of a federal EU?]. wipesmilesoff

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