Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 20, 2016

Aughton Pavement Floods

While we contemplate our future (or not) membership of the EU, nearer to home floods and grass verges are of urgent consideration. Outside the Aughton Surgery the flooded pavement aughtpathpave caused difficulties for elderly and disabled residents who unfortunately didn’t wear their wellies when they came for appointments. This aughtpathsurgery is the scene that greeted them. Also in it’s now usual neglected and flooded mess is Footpath 25 aughtpath20, the route through from Prescot Road to The Serpentine and Whalley Drive. And how lucky we are to have received pictures of a grass verge near the University being cut todayuni2 (2). Perhaps it’s intended to move the grass cutters to the A59 soon? Aughton’s finest, the local councillors, are on the job! All of this pales into insignificance by this IMG_2017 Burscough burst main in Alexander Close, which comes with every downpour. Residents are told “there is nothing United Utilities can do” other than attend to wash away the raw sewage that flows down the streets, into gutters. Must be a stock phrase from UU. Perhaps the answer is to buy a few shares in UU, attend annual meetings and complain, and pocket profits and dividends from being a shareholder as compensation?



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