Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 18, 2016

The Sefton Soft Estate

Sefton soft estate merges with West Lancashire soft estate here on the A59 grass verges   seftonbecomeswestlancs  [click to enlarge to see where cut Sefton grass compares with uncut West Lancashire grass] and here is the familiar sign that tells us “We’ve got it all in West Lancashire”.  aughtonwegotitall Also unearthed from the undergrowth is this commemoration stone aughtonstone for when West Lancashire was a recipient of funds from the Northwest Regional Development Agency.  “Investing in EnglandsNorth West” it states. Very historical, I’m sure!


  1. Yes, we do have it all in West Lancashire. Service cuts, but no grass cutting. Incompetent Conservative politicians, and no different Labour ones. Flooding, and no infrastructure improvements. A University that has overwhelmed the Historic Market Town, and changed the area’s character for ever. Greedy Developers, champing at the bit to build on high quality Green Belt. Excessive development, against the population’s wishes. Yep, we’ve got it all here in West Lancashire.

    • Couldn’t put it better myself, and can add the publicly owned Beacon Park Golf Club, with the landfill that’s making some people very rich, but not taxpayers. That’s Tory enterprise in West Lancashire, helping Serco to rip off this landfill development while we can’t afford a decent bus service in our isolated communities.

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