Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 16, 2016

The Dangers Of Overgrown Roundabouts And Grass Verges

At the Aughton Parish Council (APC) on Monday the agenda included “Highway verges; Grass cutting-to note responsibility”. Parish Chairman Ian Grant iangrantspoke about the appearance and the height of the grass, that on the A59 it was dangerous because of restricted visibility and accidents might occur because of it. He explained the Borough cuts the grass as agent for the County. But now WLBC has said no to LCC because there is not enough money to do so.

Today, the Champion newspaper contains letters from Aughton residents stating that “Roundabouts in West Lancs are a disgrace”…”and just plain dangerous too” and “These unkempt grass verges are bringing down our nice area”.

Perhaps our LCC Highways Portfolio holder John Fillis johnfillis ought to come and see what his apparent failure to pay for a contract with WLBC that pays sufficient costs to them is doing to Aughton, and probably all over the borough too. But this is all a precursor of the coming bankruptcy of LCC because of central government austerity.

Here in Aughton, a rich parish, surely safety comes first, and we parishioners who have paid our precept might think APC should pay up front for their own mowing of the verges from huge reserves and then recover the money spent from either WLBC or LCC. Having raised the issue at the APC as Chairman, Cllr Grant can act positively to end the very danger he’s identified.

This is not dissimilar to his view that we might have to pay more precept for the campaign we need to run against drug dealing to our local children. We have had some help from police, but we need more resources. What is the point of having circa £120,000 sitting in Treasury Stocks while our children are prey to these vile drug dealers who are seen regularly in Aughton? But even more ironic is that two Labour Councils, LCC and WLBC, are not working together to avoid the possible dangers wrought on road users?


  1. Why doesn’t County Cllr O’Toole get involved in this issue as part of his campaign to get the worst road in southern division resurfaced?

    • County Cllr O’Who is possibly playing that “out of sight out of mind” game some politicians often play? And of course he’s a member of the party in government that is making LCC cut its services to the bone. I expect he is predisposed not to determine his position on this matter?

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