Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 16, 2016

Granville Park Conservation Area Review

Questions were asked at the Aughton Parish Council meeting on Monday about the Granville Park Conservation Area (GPCA) grancon. Was there a review of it taking place? What image of it is given by recent developments? Does it merit being a Conservation Area? Do recent planning permissions reflect what it was all about since it was formed?

GPCA was designated in 1975 principally because it was a good example of a Victorian Park, containing some impressive historic building that contributed to the quality of Aughton. An assessment in 1994 highlighted five areas which had developed historically and within an arable/pasture natural environment. Development should contribute to the restoration and enhancement of historic features. Also featured are the grass verges that were deemed to be important to a softening of the appearance of the area. In 1994 there were regrets voiced that concrete and wire mesh fences were replacing trees and wooden fences, as also that replacement concrete lighting columns were inappropriate.

WLBC writes “we are currently undertaking a review of the Granville Park Conservation Area. We held a workshop event for residents in April at which we discussed conservation related issues in relation to Granville Park. I am currently drafting an updated Appraisal and Design Guide for the area – I anticipate this will be ready in the next couple of months. We will then consult on the draft for a period of 6 weeks. This will be publicised on our website and letters sent to all residents in the Conservation Area. This is the opportunity for comments to be made which will be considered prior to the new Appraisal being adopted”. So what is it like today? Well, it’s hardly Victorian  granmon grancover granelephants grangiraffe and becoming less so. Stainless steel animals don’t reflect Victoriana. More rubble granrubble2 probably on its way soon to the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill site. 

To return to the question of merit relating to GPCA, is it now “an area of special architectural and historic interest, the character of which is desirable to preserve or enhance” how can it be so in 2016? WLBC planners have allowed carbuncles to replace the Victorian villas. They allow for fortifications to replace fences and hedges. They have allowed for anarchic development. Every day there are sites being reduced to rubble and replaced with concrete, steel and glass. Is this what a new area Design Guide should contain?

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