Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 12, 2016

Multi-Millionaire Prime Minister Threatens Pensioners

The latest Cameron scare states “So here is the reality: if we leave, the pensioner benefits would be under threat, and the Triple Lock could no longer be guaranteed in the long term”.

“At last year’s election, our country and many Telegraph readers voted for security at every stage of life. Good schools, more jobs, lower taxes, homes that young people can buy, a well-funded NHS, and dignity and security in retirement. In less than two weeks’ time, it’s whether to stay in or leave that is on the ballot paper. But the security argument still applies. If you vote to remain in Europe, we will have stability for our country and you will have certainty in your life”.

Far from wishing to ridicule this ridiculous man and his ridiculous statement, surely every election is about all those things? We want them all regardless of who forms the government. Sadly, they invariably fade into wishful thinking with no prospect of achieving them. In two of those matters, a “well-funded NHS” and “dignity and security in retirement”, there is NO security whatsoever.

If being in the EU has been so wonderful, why is it that our NHS is plainly under-funded and over stretched? And why are we UK pensioners receiving a retirement pension set at a lower rate relative to average national incomes than equivalent pensions in other European countries? See this table pensions [click to enlarge]. This has been shown on numerous occasions and is the general conclusion of studies comparing the basic UK state retirement pension with similar benefits in other EU countries. This was highlighted in a report by the International Longevity Centre (ILC), which claims that the state pension is worth a third of the average salary for someone in work. So how secure is that?

Now, I read that Mrs Multi-Millionare Prime Minister Cameron, who states she doesn’t do politics but is doing politics today, wants her children to grow up in a country that’s a big fish in a big pond. Funny that, we ARE a big “island fish” surrounded by water we are barely allowed to fish in! But the EU allows other EU countries to fish it instead. She lives in a different financial world and she wants to stay in it by remaining. Her income comes from a career with upmarket stationery firm Smythson where she become creative director and build up a 2.7 per cent personal stake in the company. When the firm was bought out for £15.8 million in 2005, she received £437,000 for her shares and got a second pay-out (estimated to be £40,000) in 2009. Her salary as creative director was said to be £400,000 in 2010, but when her husband became PM, she opted to work part-time as ‘creative consultant’ on a reported £100,000 a year. Smythson’s own tax arrangements have come under scrutiny. The Daily Mail revealed last year that it was owned by Greenwill SA, a secretive firm based in Luxembourg, which itself was controlled by the Barracuda Trust, a Guernsey-based organisation. Apparently no UK tax had been paid on the roughly £1 million of dividends paid in previous years to Greenwill SA. And, if Smythson were ever sold, for a profit, the secretive foreign owner could also escape UK capital gains tax and stamp duty.

Strange indeed that her one and only foray into public politics comes as the referendum vote is described as “close”, and lucky we are that she only has one vote, just like the rest of us.

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