Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 10, 2016

The Friendly Parish

halsall_church_logo Halsall Parish Council met on Wednesday and in its usual “parishioner friendly” style conducted its agenda with public participation throughout. It was made more interesting by the presence of the new Borough Ward Councillor Maureen Mills maureenm. No empty seat here, as was the case with the previous incumbent even at the Annual Meeting. So as expected much discussion about the “crap” sewers on New Cut Lane which actually suffer from something called “hydraulic inadequacies” or in plain English a reverse blockage from Guildford Road. On being told United Utilities had “no record of previous complaints in New Cut Lane” cue sarcastic comments from residents. uu. Residents were treated to the prospect of from another 88 houses rising to 248 new homes being added to the sewage system, raising comments about health and a disaster for the area. Cllr Mills reported on her first few weeks in office, on the forthcoming seismic surveying with prospects of explosive devices close to homes, and on poor pavements in the area.

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